Text: Luke 14:25-33

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Objective: To encourage the congregation to consider what it’s going to cost them to follow Christ; to implore those who are on the fence to go all-in for Christ; and to remind them that they are not alone in their walk of faith- they are surrounded by other believers and Christ himself will give them strength to be his disciples.

4 Headings:

  1. It will cost you everything
  2. You are either in Christ or you are out of Christ
  3. You are not alone in your walk
  4. Today is the day to follow him


Luke 14:25

  • Jesus gaining popularity
  • Crowds attracted for the wrong reasons:
    • To see miracles, to hear wisdom, to go where everyone else is going to
  • Jesus concerned with quality of faith not quantity of followers

Luke 14:26 

  • First term and condition of discipleship
  • Sounds like discouragement (CF Luke 9:57-62)
  • Jesus wants followers to consider the cost
  • Setting terms and conditions
  • Physical v. Spiritual following
  • “Hate”
    • Semitic hyperbole
    • Jesus not telling us to break love commandments
    • Means to love less (CF Gen 29:30-31 and Matthew 10:37)
    • Love for Jesus greater than dearest things
    • Love for others considered “hate”
  • Emphasize “cannot”

Luke 14:27

  • Second term and condition of discipleship
  •  “cross” slightly different meaning
  • Today it has a positive connotation, Christ, Christianity, means by which we are saved
  • To 1st-century people “cross” was the most brutal form of execution (Eg. Matthew 16:21-22)
  • Equivalent of “take up your electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, firing squad”
  • What did it mean for the 1st-century person?
    • Philip Ryken quote: “Even before Jesus was crucified, they would have recognized the cross as a symbol of rejection, humiliation, and excruciating pain. Crucifixion was the most gruesome form of execution in the Roman world, a death penalty reserved for traitors and criminals, and slaves. To see a man carrying his cross was to see a man going to die the worst of all possible deaths.
    • Taking up your cross is a form of self-denial (CF Luke 9:23)
      • Emphasize “daily”
    • Discipleship and sanctification (CF Romans 8:12 and Ephesians 4:22)

Luke 14:28-30 

  • Illustration to show what it will cost to follow Jesus
    • Vacation illustration
    • Illustration of our inadequacy to reach heaven on our own
    • Not enough good works to gain salvation
    • We must look to Christ (CF Matthew 11:28-30)

Luke 14: 31-32

  • Illustration to show what it will cost NOT to follow Jesus
  • Alexander the Great example
  • The weaker king is the believer prior to coming to Christ
    • Our sins placed us at enmity with God (CF Ephesians 2:1-3)
  • The stronger king is God
    • He demands justice
  • “A great way off” is time we have until judgment day
  • Do you have what it takes to stand against God?
    • If not we must surrender and ask for terms of peace: the gospel

Luke 14:33

  • Third term and condition of discipleship
  • Jesus requires us to give up all that we have
    • Does not mean we cannot have anything
    • It means that if Christ calls us to give up the things in our possession, we must willingly do so for his sake


  • Terms of discipleship:
  1. Love Christ more than anything else in the world
  2. Carry our cross daily
  3. Renounce all that we have for Christ
  • Jesus savior AND lord
  • Exhortation:
  • Be all-in for Christ 
    • Matthew 6:24
  • Follow Christ today 
    • Calling of Peter, Andrew, James and John (Matthew 4:19-22, Luke 5:11)
    • Calling of Matthew (Matthew 9:9, Luke 5:27-28)
  • What do we gain from denying self and following Jesus with all our love for Him?
    • Freedom, joy, life, closer more intimate relationship with Jesus (Jeremiah 33:3)


Bro. Joe Recto
UCBC New Jersey
September 10, 2023

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