Text: John 1:37-42

Introduction: 1 Chronicles 12:32” from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do—200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command.” Dr. Chris Shirley makes an exegesis of this passage on how King David’s group ‘who understood the times’ against their rivalry, King Saul. Understanding the times is a necessary ingredient to succeed.

For many months now, and specifically in recent weeks, we are also trying to determine which is the best way for UCBC to proceed accordingly to achieve our vision. The Vision: we know our identity as a church, given that Christ our all in all, but at the same, we also know our goal and our vision to be global and reach out to the next generation. However, there is a missing link. How can we achieve our vision? We know it, we understand it, but we need the means to go to it. A vehicle to move forward and reach it. (Show car, airplane, boat method). We have an identity, but what are our means to duplicate and pass on ourselves to other places?

UCBC Way: Understand – Connect – Build Up – Commission

Background: as a Bible-believing church, we make sure that our ways, our methods, and our principles are grounded in biblical truths. Let us read and explore briefly John 1:37-51

37-38 – “what do you want?” Understand the Need

39-40 – salvation; “come and see” – Connect

41 – “find his brother” and “tell him” – Build Up

42 – “brought him to Jesus” – Commit

Naming is significant – commission

43 – “finding” Philip

44 – same context and need (understand)

45 – scriptural foundations (build-up)

46 – “come and see” same in verse 39

47-49 – the answer to our need

50-51 – Commitment and covenantal promise

This is not just a cycle but a spiral-up wherein we know that it started from Christ choosing the twelve apostles, Pentecost, and the whole world. This biblical way is the UCBC way. The things that we do our means to reach our vision for the following years. We will learn and familiarize ourselves more with this UCBC Way for this whole month. For now, our challenge for the entire month is for “each one, reach one.”

The Challenge: “Each One, Reach One”

  • Week 1: Understand (Discern and Pray)
  • Week 2: Connect (Communicate)
  • Week 3: Build-Up (Care)
  • Week 4: Commit (Share) – invite them on our last Sunday, a thanksgiving celebration.


Ptr. John Paul Arceno
UCBC New Jersey
November 6, 2022


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